Language and Music English reading practice

I hope you can find it helpful to read words and practice sounds with additional examples and then read the whole text👩‍🎓

Language is part of our daily lives, no matter where we live in the world. Similarly, music is a part of many people’s lives, whether it be listening to the radio on your drive to work or playing in an orchestra. Both language and music play a huge role in our culture and here are some of their similarities.

Both language and music have a writing system.

In English we record language using the alphabet, which is a collection of letters. Similarly, we use notes to keep a record of music. Just as you are reading this collection of letters on the screen and find meaning in it, musicians read notes and create meaning in the form of music which we can hear. So just as you read English, you can read music. By writing pieces of text or music, we are able to share experiences through time. I can read the ideas or hear the composition of someone who lived hundreds of years ago, which is really quite exciting.

Original text from British Council How similar are language and Music?


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