English Character adjectives suffixes and prefixes

Frequently we need to describe a friend, a family member for IELTS or do word formation exercises for exams such as FCE and CAE.

Personality adjectives mindmap

So, on the left negative character traits and on the right positive ones 🙂

Character negative suffixes and prefixes examples

alive lifeless
thoughtful thoughtless
capable incapable
competent incompetent
effective ineffective
experienced inexperienced
patient impatient
perfect imperfect
happy unhappy
pleasant unpleasant
reliable unreliable
friendly unfriendly
helpful unhelpful
successful unsuccessful
organized disorganized
honest dishonest
responsible irresponsible

For example, people who are into science are probably attentive and skillful👩‍🔬 Learn more of word formation for science and technology topic!

Learn more character and personality vocabulary with Reese Witherspoon video lesson!

Language, culture and character listening

Text and quiz

Additional listening and reading about personality adjectives

The text is below

Describing personality Part 1. Listening

This week I started working in a new office. It’s very busy and lots of people work here. Eric works in my department. I like him because he is helpful and kind. Yesterday we went for lunch and he told me some funny stories. He’s so humorous. Sharon is my boss. I like her because she is outgoing and honest. It’s very easy to talk to her. Greg works in the finance department I don’t like him because he is selfish and argumentative. He got angry when I asked him for some help. Amy works in the marketing department she’s talkative so I like talking to her. Sometimes I’m a bit shy though so I just try to be polite. We go to lunch together sometimes.

Part 2. Listening comprehension

Answer the following questions based on the video that you just watched.

1. What did she start this week?

A. a diet

B. saving money

C. a new job

D. an argument

2. How does she describe the office?

A. busy with lots of employees

B. quiet with lots of employees

C. busy with a few employees

D. quiet with a few employees

3. Where does Eric work?

A. he’s her boss

B. in the same department

C. marketing

D. sales

4. Why does she like Eric?

A. he’s funny and shy

B. he’s angry and helpful

C. he’s humorous and caring

D. he’s helpful and kind

5. Does she like her boss?

A. no she’s mean, rude and often gets angry

B. sometimes she’s very moody every day

C. yes she’s friendly, honest and it’s easy to talk to her

D. most of the time she’s honest but sometimes angry

6. Where does Greg work?

A. in the sales department

B. in the finance department

C. in the front office

D. in the marketing department

7. Does she like Greg? Why?

A. no, he’s selfish, argumentative and he got angry at her

B. yes, he’s funny, entertaining and always helpful

C. yes, she thinks he’s very kind and helpful

D. yes, they sometimes go out for lunch together

8. What does she sometimes do with Amy?

A. they hang out at the mall together

B. they go to the movies together

C. they go shopping together

D.they go out for lunch together

Part 3. Vocabulary review

  • argumentative – someone who often argues and disagrees with other people. Tony’s so argumentative he always disagrees with everything that everyone says
  • selfish – to take care only of oneself. Sammy’s so selfish he only thinks about himself.
  • funny – someone or something that makes people laugh. She’s so funny I can’t stop laughing.
  • helpful – someone who wants to and is willing to help. They’ve been so helpful since we moved here we are really lucky to have them as friends.
  • honest – someone who always tells the truth and does not lie cheat or steal. I think Francis is the most honest person I know I trust him with my life.
  • outgoing – someone who is social and tries to make new friends. Frank’s very outgoing he loves to meet new people.
  • shy – nervous and uncomfortable around people. Sheila is very shy, she doesn’t like to meet new people.
  • talkative – someone who talks a lot. Johnny’s so talkative he always has a lot to say.

Part 4. Review.

Watch the video one more time. Thanks for watching, see you next time.

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Word Formation (Negative Prefixes)

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