Improve your English listening

Everyone wants to understand fluent speech and sound natural. From my experience and according to science speaking and listening go hand in hand.

To improve your listening, at first, you have to listen to slower speech and gradually go to faster one. Isn’t it tricky to find interesting slow speech videos?

Here is one suggestion: course book videos. They are videos specially made for an English course book. Just browse some famous English course book, add a level and look in a video search. For example, New English file pre-intermediate videos and New English file elementary videos.

Oxford English Daily Conversation

And keep in mind that you might know all the vocabulary from these videos, but our goal here is to catch natural speech patterns, so can be useful for higher level learners too! ⬆️

For more videos, check my playlist 📽 British council videos with exercises and popular topics videos!

Listening exercises may be extremely useful if you can see target vocabulary and then the full text! Check out listening exercises about starting a business and job skills.

My house elementary, pre-intermediate YouTube playlist

Check out YouTube playlist about Movies elementary+ 🙂


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