Where to watch videos in Slovene?

It is quite a challenge to find authentic videos and listening resources, especally if you study Slovene as a beginner. Don’t hesitate to immerse yourself into natural environment of a language despite your language level.

Slovenian videos any level playlist

Just search learn Slovene videos to find some fun lessons for beginners.

Very helpful for me to get to a basic conversational level were videos of lifestyle youtubers and beauty bloggers. The language they use is real and natural, perfect to pick up some useful phrases. Also, Slovenian cartoons have common convesational phrases and are fun to watch!

Sem Luna playlist

While living in Slovenia I was watching frequently slovenian TV series. Jaz sem Luna is an Argentine-Mexican tele novella completely in Slovene perfect for kids and teenagers and adults too! Captivating plot, common conversational phrases, ample of new up-to-date vocabulary is guaranteed!

If you are a fan of fairy tales, you can read and watch! famous, vocabulary-rich fairy tales. For example, try reading Cesarjeva nova oblačila The Emperor’s new clothes and watch an animated video too.👑

Slovene for beginners YouTube playlist

  • Alphabet
  • Numbers
  • Basic phrases

Learn Slovene elementary vocabulary YouTube playlist

Tips to learn Slovene or any language! 👇

Slovene clothes listening Oblačila

Learn some clothes (oblačila) in Slovene, do a listening exercise and watch a Slovenian cartoon! Besednjak Havájska srajca Majica s kapúco prerasti (preraščati) oblačila Poslušajte. Kaj je…


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