Korean linguistic circle inside view

I was dramatically drawn to go to Korea. The bits of information from korean friends and just a desire to experience something new was impossible to resist. Finally, having arrived, soon enough I gravitated easily towards a circle of linguistically charged people. Someone is a multilingual intellectual, others are winners of global linguistic Olympiad and recipients of Wikipedia Award and many more I haven’t yet met 🙂

The view from Namsan Tower

We were climbing the Namsan Mountain the local tourist sight together. Being consumed inside by a broad-minded lively conversation, we reached the top with the spectacular view of the city. As we all were the victims of a linguistic penchant, we were lured to the letters of a photo shoot.🔮 “I love you” in many languages was inscribed on it. As for me, I am not such a language addict as they were so I skimmed through it and that’s it. But they couldn’t leave till they had decrypted all the languages (there were about 100!). Their determination and meticulously patient attitude…that was their true calling. It goes without saying that task of identifying all the languages, not the great scenery from above the tower, was the highlight of our adventure:)


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