Speaking part 2 IELTS prepare by yourself

Free talk for an IELTS speaking part 2 is one of the most challenging aspects of exam preparation. Here we will tackle the problem of finding helpful resources for the second part of IELTS speaking.

IELTS speaking part 2
speaking task about sport


Although you can do the task straight away (also possible)💡, I recommend doing some listening and reading exercises before to pick up necessary vocabulary and phrases for the IELTS speaking part 2 task.

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First question: why people like doing sports

Well, the first question of the task is why people like doing sports and it is ok not to have any valid ideas right away, so let’s search why people like doing sports and add audio and esl (English Second Language) to find listening exersises. From there you can find plenty of exercises with vocabulary to answer why people like doing sport question. For example, one of the reasons mentioned in the benefits of sport audio exercise is

doing sport reduces high blood pressure and the chance of getting diabetes

Moreover, sports help to improve your character and contribute to mental development.

Second question: why doing sport is so popular today

The search for the second question, which is similar to the first one, asks about the reasons of popularity of sports nowadays. And with the search why doing sports is so popular today we can see that someone has already asked this question and I will write down some reasons I think are true for me. I liked this one:

Sports also serve as a way for many people to find “community”, whether in person or just viewing on television

Third question: what sport competition you took part in

The third question asks about your personal experience, particularly if you ever participated in a sport competition🏅. To find out sample answers for this question research the exact words from the task + IELTS (International English Language Testing System) + speaking.

The Internet offers the variety of sample answers to cover this question, you just need good reading skills and more practice 🙂 While talking about personal experience it is important to extend your answer and say more sentences. You can try using some question words as Why? With who? Where? How long? What kind? etc. to speak about details of an event for longer time in order to do speaking part 2 IELTS successfully.

Do not forget that a talk should have a clear structure: an introduction, a main body (answers to 3 questions) and a conclusion.

My sample answer for the task: Introduction: I’m going to give a talk about sport. Main body: A lot of people like doing sports today. The main reason why is that it has lots of health benefits. For example, doing sport reduces high blood pressure and the chance of getting diabetes. Moreover, going in for sports is becoming more and more popular. Sport events and establishments give people new opportunities to interact with each other. Sports serve as a way for many people to find “community”, whether in person or just viewing on television. As for me, I like competitions and team spirit. Last year I took part in an indoor tennis game. My office organizes the competition annually to make the employees feel relaxed. Conclusion: To conclude, sport should be an essential part of everybody’s life because of health and social advantages.

So, I hope you will write your sample answer for sport speaking part 2 IELTS successfully and practice reading it aloud! Remember that speaking and listening are interconnected, thus I recommend watching more videos in English and do more sport vocabulary exercises.

I hope the information about preparation for IELTS speaking was useful for you. If you have any advice or anything else to add, please leave a comment below.


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