It is really stressful to be evaluated – language learning

It is really stressful to be evaluated.

We are afraid to make mistakes. That’s why we are so scared to talk in a foreign language, especially when we are not sure of the correctness of our words. Indeed, it is really discouraging when you are just taking first steps in learning a language and you do sound funny and mostly like an idiot from a native speaker’s point of view, and they may just laugh. However, you cannot laugh with them. You are learning and vulnerable. Probably, you were looking for some support and motivation from them but instead you bring them joy and later smile awkwardly.
That’s why, at first, it’s better to speak with a trained professional who will be patient and can be empathetic towards you. Even after studying Korean for the past 5 months, I’m very reluctant to talk with my friends as most probably they will always ask me to repeat myself or just be unintentionally entertained.

Finally, I’ve come to a conclusion that we shouldn’t hold onto a fear of making mistakes in the first place. Errors make a language richer 😁Mistakes are good and making them is an indispensable part of learning! I love mistakes 💙, they make me grow. Moreover, in the future, I want to make even more mistakes in order to acquire more knowledge.  Even if it seems like you are making a fool of yourself and escalate the hilariousness of the moment, be aware that it is natural, be focused on the future-better version of yourself. So, I advise you to find yourself in situations that expose you to the thrill of the unpredictable and challenges which probably might be above your level now but not above your perfectness later;)

Written in June 2020


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