How to learn Korean basics with video lessons Part 1

Just start! It is the most difficult part🦸‍♀️

In this post I will focus on learning Korean in Korean with video lessons online as we live in the modern age and paper dictionaries and textbooks are quite out-dated (but! still might be useful)

After learning hangul (Korean alphabet) with apps and with a hangul workbook, I learnt some basic words, pronunciation rules, simple grammar via youtube videos. And then the fun started! Luckily, I found some fun videos for beginners, watched them and then rewatched the next day. When I finished a block, I reviewed it from the beginning…reviewing..repeating..reviewing till it sticks.

Here are these video playlists🌟

PopPopping Korean

Learn Korean watching funny videos for beginners

Sejong Korean Conversation

Watch k-drama and everyday Korean conversations

Sejong Korean Conversation 1,2 Practice

Interesting dialogues with repetitive practice

Korean Culture Series, Quick Korean

Korean cartoon videos, easy to follow dialogs

I would recommend watching Korean videos that are without English or your native language audio! In a nutshell, according to cognitive scientific research👩‍💼 noo, it is just my rule I made for myself😁 but who knows, maybe cognitive science can prove me right.

To remember vocabulary and grammar points from videos better, I would advise you to write them down as I did in Taekwondo writing practice.

Find out more Korean video courses with part 2!

Try reading your notes! don’t be afraid to make mistakes as it is natural and only contributes to your progress. More korean video courses? 😉

I hope the info about studying Korean using videos was helpful for you. If you have any questions or tips about learning Korean, please leave a comment below 🙂


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