English vocabulary Starting a business

Starting a business questions

What do you need to run a successful café?/amusement park?/clothing store?

  • idea
  • location
  • marketing
  • logo
  • service
  1. Is it necessary to have low prices?
  2. How can you make a place quirky?
  3. What creates a good vibe?
  4. What ad do you suppose can be effective?
  5. What else do you think is necessary?

Key listening vocabulary

Definitely, I will do it.

Affordable prices

Good quality of jeans

Starting a business listening exercises

Listen. What things does Carmen think are important for starting a new café? What doesn’t she think is important?

Successful Cafe From Speak Now 3 Lesson 24

It needs a good ____ .

The ___ have to be affordable.

It must have free ____ .

  • Would you like to open your own coffee shop? What would be important for you?
  • Where should the cafe be situated?
  • What business is it worth investing money in nowadays?

Additional listening about starting a business

New Online Business Ideas for Starting an Online business. Top 10 online business ideas you can start tomorrow. Becoming an entrepreneur would be easier if you focus on your strengths that would help to carry out the activities efficiently earning good profits your main aim should be to serve customers in a good way that would help you to get more deals along with repeat hires today. The online based business is flourishing worldwide and thus you can build up a nice set up with brilliant online business ideas you can start tomorrow. So let’s get started with top 10 online business ideas.

1. Resume cover letter drafting

It’s a good option nowadays as people require a killer resume written in a professional way helping them to crack the interview.

2. Web design

If you have a good knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript then web designing is your ultimate field to go ahead in and it would serve as one of the best online business ideas.

3. Specialized retailer

Simply get an e-commerce software along with an integrated shopping cart platform that would help to reach the target audience who wants to purchase specific stop.

4. Virtual assistant

This is another great opportunity where the leading companies would assign some tasks like data research etc. You can easily bring more clients and can set up your own team providing effective services as virtual assistants.

5. Affiliate marketing

Just promote the products for a particular brand and you can earn huge profits that would open the hidden doors to success. Therefore, this is one of the most popular, you can pick up from the list of top online business ideas.

6. Book author

Is writing your passion? Then start working as an e-book author and you can gain popularity as well as good wealth.

7. Freelancing

Freelancing can be a good idea from where you can begin a perfect setup for your online business. You can operate your business from your place and take work according to your skills.

8. Social media consultant

Social media marketing is a popular term nowadays you can easily promote brands by a facebook instagram twitter etc, which can be a good profession for you.

9. SEO consultant

Wondering about the online business ideas? Working as an SEO consultant can be an effective way to earn a better livelihood. All the brands today want to stay at the top position and thus SEO is on high demand now.

10. Business coaching

This is another good option, you can choose from the large category of online business ideas. It would help the small business to get a good start achieving success in real time.

So these are the top 10 online business ideas you can start tomorrow that would help you to get a better future making life beautiful everything would become easier as you can earn a good living doing the work that suits your skills. Also, you can check out our other video about 40 small business ideas for starting your own business.

What business would you like to start?


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