Job interview personality vocabulary video

Do you have any tips to prepare well for an interview? What questions are usually asked at interviews? Why are the qualities of character listed below important?

Key video adjectives vocabulary


Want to be more confident? Say yes!


How to Show Trustworthiness in a Job Interview

Tom’s job interview Character video exercise

Watch the video. Tom is having an interview. What position is he applying for? Does Tom look confident?

video from Speak now 3 Unit 6

What words does Tom use to describe his personality?







Do you think Tom’s interview was successful? Why? Why not? What would you do different if you were Tom?

How would you describe your character?

Crochet bag with tangerines
Photo by cottonbro on

What do you think this ad picture could be for?

Job interview at Runway video exercise

Watch the video. What job does Andy want?

Watch again. Which phrases does Andy say and which are Miranda’s?


What are you doing here?

And before today, you have never heard of me?

You have no style or sense of fashion

I was editor-in-chief of the Daily Northwestern

I don’t fit in here

I’m smart, I learn fast and I will work very hard

Complete the gaps with suitable words:

Miranda Priestly is an ___ of Runway, a fashion magazine. Andy wants an __ job at Runway and she meets Miranda. Miranda learns that Andy has never ___ about her or her magazine Runway before. Also, she thinks that Andy has no style or ___ of fashion. Andy says that she doesn’t __ in here, but she will __.

  1. What is Miranda’s opinion of Andy?
  2. Does Andy look confident? When?
  3. Would you like to have such a boss as Miranda? Why? Why not?
  4. What kind of a journalist would you hire if you were an editor?

Do an interactive video exercise on Runway interview!

Runway job interview vocabulary exercise PDF

Can a person be discriminated at work due to race or cultural background? What would you do in this situation?

Please, leave a comment if you have any tips or questions about this character vocabulary for job interviews.


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