Starting a coffee shop Business vocabulary and grammar

How to excel at running a coffee shop?

  • personality/ character qualities
  • capital
  • equipment
  • knowledge
  • networking

You don’t wanna go into the biz underestimating the costs

How much you want to renovate, if it’s turn-key or not.

And actually, when I opened my shop, my niche was, everything was made with cold brew coffee

Watch the video. What are the most important recommendations they give?

Starting a Coffee Shop business

Number one they have to have enough capital

Number two, they have to have a passion to run a business

You have to have every skill set.

You have to be a perfectionist

And you have to be willing to learn

You have to be wide open to learning at all times

I mean, you definitely have to have the quality of being okay with the unknown

You have to be___ before staring a business. Try to get___ in advance. Also, don’t forget about a financial side. You have to have___ to run a business. Speaking of personality, you have to have a ___ and the quality of ____.

every skill set

passion to run a business

enough capital

being okay with the unknown

willing to learn

It also helps to be community-minded

They have to love being around people

but you also have to be half-assed about everything

You need to know, like, what’s gonna bite you.

The number of things you need are huge.

You need to list those things out,

It’s like, you really have to plan for the whole picture

You really need to sort of fall back on all the things you’ve ever done in your life.

Any businessman in any sphere has to care for people, be ___ and ____. It is interesting how they say that you have to be a perfectionist but at the same time ____. Also, you need to ___ all possible problems before they happen. Experience is also important as you have to ___ on all your life experiences in all spheres when difficulties come.


list out

half-assed about everything

fall back

love being around people

I have to list them out She has to have skills
You have to have a passionHe has to be willing to learn
We have to fall back on itIt has to have quality
They have to be community-minded

What are your recommendations for your sphere of work? What character traits and skills do you have to have?

What kind of people work at a coffee shop?

Is a coffee shop culture only a feature of a city lifestyle? Why?

Obviously, there are job skills any modern entrepreneur should have. What do you suppose they are? What skills and qualities of character should a teacher have?


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