Met a slovenian celebrity

Once upon a time when I was living in Slovenia and I met a local celebrity. We had arranged to meet with my friend behind a popular concert hall. Our plan was to go to a well-known karaoke bar. Surprisingly, some vocal qualities of a guy almost dancing next to us drew our attention. He was waiting for his friend a lead singer in a famous Slovenian group Tabu. When they found out that we were heading to the singing parlour they willingly wanted to join us. We couldn’t refuse. As soon as we arrived at our destination, the “professional crew” immediately requested some songs. But Eva (that was the star’s name) didn’t sing🙂. She probably didn’t want to do her job during a Friday night outing with friends. And I felt the feeling of belonging to that amicable group. We were sitting next to a celebrity but I did not have the nerve to take a picture as it didn’t seem appropriate. The whole situation caught me off guard and I thought that capturing the star on camera was too rude and I was too shy😆


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