17 City life vocabulary Advanced phrases

Key city life vocabulary

City life vocabulary advantages and disadvantages advanced
a modern metropolis
the level of urbanization/ urban development
a megacity
sprawling urban zones
revolutionising infrastructure
raising living standards
congested areas
access to services
the gap between the rich and poor widens
concrete jungles
enclosure and bustle of the city area
overwhelming influx of people
health implications
never-ending hustle to survive
road rage
hectic pace of life
everyday commute to the cities

Disadvantages and advantages of living in the city video

The text is below

Welcome to the modern metropolis teeming with millions of inhabitants, an economic and political hub a cultural center, an architectural and engineering wonder. A familiar sight now, but this level of urbanization is a relatively recent development. In 1950 less than three percent of the world’s population lived in cities with at least five million people. And in 2015 that figure rose to more than ten percent. And by 2030 its forecast to surge to nearly fourteen percent with the bulk of them concentrated in southern and eastern Asia.

The scale of this expansion has given rise to a new term – the megacity. It’s defined as an area of continuous urban development with more than 10 million people. Although the concept was born in the West, mega cities are dominating Asia’s landscape. The continent is home to more than half of the world’s 29 mega cities. Tokyo takes the lead followed by Jakarta, Delhi, Manila, Soul, Shanghai, Karachi and Beijing. China alone has for the most of any country in the world. In fact, the Dragon has seen the biggest migration to the city in history and analysts are forecasting this trend to continue. China has not yet achieved a high level of urbanization and there’s still a lot of room and huge potential. If we make an effective plan of urbanization and roll out policies to go with it, the process of urbanization could be the main driver for the development of the country like elsewhere. The pool factors to these sprawling urban zones are business and employment and with that the hope of better education, healthcare and entertainment.

Night city

The way these mega cities are developing is changing the way we think about population and space. Some see a connection between powerful city-states revolutionising infrastructure and raising living standards for billions. But others are more cautious warning of chaotic futures where people battle over scarce resources and increasingly congested areas. Many cities do fail to get the infrastructure right, creating transport housing and pollution problems. Crime and poor access to services can also cause social problems if the gap between the rich and poor widens. But as emerging markets continue to thrive, these concrete jungles will keep spreading outwards and upwards.

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Enclosure and bustle of the city area are some of the snags of any urban lifestyle. We cannot feel at ease even in smaller cities. Human spirit calls for the greater outdoors.

Consequently, urban decay is probably an inevitable part of the future. Urban lifestyle deteriorates due to overwhelming influx of people, high pollution levels, and later possible health implications. Never-ending hustle to survive contributes to heavy traffic, road rage and overall hectic pace of life. Due to the above-mentioned reasons, people eagerly endure an everyday commute to the cities from rural areas.

Finally, after work, having reached your secluded place over rough ground, embracing the vastness of nature is a withstanding dream of a modern person. Being in the comfort of your summer house next to an ice chest, surrounded by abloom odors from garden beds is a simple blissful pleasure of life.


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