English speaking describe daily housework

Questions about household chores and daily plans

What are you going to do today ?

  • pick up the clothes
  • drop off a friend
  • clean out the closet
  • hang up the picture
  • throw out old food
  • wipe off the counter
  • put away the groceries
  • take out the garbage

Do you have any plans for the weekend?

Practice household chores phrasal verbs on Quizlet!

Watch the video. How can robots help people?

Additional listening and reading about daily plans and technology

Whether you’re at home or outside of it you are at the center of all our innovations. Now we’re going to show you what this looks like in a not too distant future. First, Samsung bot care uses AI technology to take care of all the little details in your life by recognizing and understanding your behaviors to be a better robotic assistant and a companion. You’ve been on your computer too long how about stretching and taking a short break? The conference call is scheduled in a few minutes. Bot Care knows your schedule and your habits and can remind you of the conference call you have with colleagues coming up in 15 minutes. Now remember the bot you saw in our studio earlier that was bot handy. A home robot that can both recognize and grab objects becoming an extension of you in the kitchen in the living room and anywhere else you may need that extra hand in your home. Bot handy let’s show them what you’ve got. Bot handy uses AI to understand objects like a glass cup or a ceramic plate. Taking note of their shape and materials to work as your trusted partner. Bot handy can move around and do things like set the table or put away groceries. It flips the script on what a robot in your home could look like. Good job! So did you get a good look? Each of these robots are built with you in mind. But this is just a glimpse into the future we see. Robotics and AI adapting to you and helping you do things more easily at home and outside of it. We’re hard at work to bring you next generation innovation with AI as the core enabler for your better tomorrow.

Key audio vocabulary

rooms in a house

I’ll hurry and get all this stuff done.

Photo by Shane on Pexels.com

My sister is going to lend me her car.


Future plans audio exercises

Listen. Why are Dan and Mike having a party? How are Doug and Carlos going to get there?

from Speak now 3 Lesson 31

Complete the sentences:

Do you have __ __ later?

I __ to clean my room later.

I’ll __ __ right by your dorm.

Make sentences true for you

I plan to..

I’ m going to..

I have to..

I’m planning to..

Find extra sentences Task (from Speak now 3 Lesson 31)

English speaking describe plans Text doc

Additional reading about future plans

Hey Sara, 

Can’t wait until the weekend. It will be great to see you after a long time. Listen, I’ve got some good ideas for fun things we can do, but I also have to get some other stuff done. My parents are trying to sell the house, and someone will probably come to look at it this weekend. On Friday, I have to clean out the garage and my closet. Then I’m going to drop old clothes off at a consignment store. After that, I have to put away all my video games and other junk. I know that doesn’t sound like much fun, but at least my room will be clean and tidy! And then we can go out. My friends Stuart and Jane are having a party on Friday night, and there’s a concert on Saturday night. 

Bring a swimsuit. We’re going to the beach on Sunday. It’s not far and the weather is supposed to be great. 



Woman, plants, window

Key vocabulary daily plans and technology

to throw out old food
to wipe off the counter
to take out the garbage
what this looks like in a not too distant future
Bot Care knows your schedule and your habits and can remind you of the conference call
by recognizing and understanding your behaviors
to set the table or put away groceries
to do things more easily at home and outside of it
next generation innovation with AI
Additional listening for household plans and Robot Butler video

Learn more vocabulary about domestic chores while listening to BBC English! And learn how a minimalist lifestyle can make your life easier.


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