English speaking describe your goals

Questions to talk about goals

  1. What are your goals and dreams?
  2. What is your biggest goal in life?
  3. What are your short term goals?

What do you hope to do ten or twenty years from now?

  • be financially independent
  • get out of debt
  • be more confident
  • get my own place
  • manage money better

Types of goals

personal become a great party host, clean out the wardrobe, donate clothes to charity shops, drive a zero-emission vehicle, to store your mind on the computer, to stop being superstitious
professional expand a YouTube channel, organize an event
physical not being too overworked, to get out of bed right away
financial to pay off debt
intellectual to buy more high-quality items, to see a nutritionist to design a healthy eating plan, to learn more about rituals and customs of different cultures

Key video vocabulary

achieve your goals

excel at your job

Mental health

Goals video exercises

Watch the video. What does Cathy talk about?

  • her studies
  • travelling
  • her fitness level
  • relationships

Correct the mistakes:

  • Cathy is trying to achieve 2 main goals.
  • Cathy doesn’t keep herself fit.
  • Cathy wants to excel at personal relationships
  • Cathy says it is important to keep a balanced diet
  • Mental health is your physical activity

What can be the goals or dreams of the woman below?

Additional listening and reading about goals, dreams and plans

The text is below

I’ve set myself goals around achieving stuff at work, but also achieving stuff personally. So having a good balance and maintaining that sort of equality and and not being too overworked with one. And so you can’t enjoy the other.

My goal this year is to expand a YouTube channel I started. I like to just get the word out there and talk to people about Asian cinema. And spread the word because there’s some great stuff that people miss out on.

Well, I’ve beaten the bullet, I’ve given up work and I’m following my dream. I’m going back to school to follow arts. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do. And I sort of thought if I’m not going to do it now when am I going to do it.

Keep enjoying school and yeah I mean get a good career at the end of it.

Passport, beach

To be contentious first and to be competent in whatever field of enterprise I choose. And that somehow must be of service to humanity. Since I realized I’m not permanent here.

My goals are basically professional like so publishing papers and doing stuff like that. But yeah I do not have very any other goals I think.

I do really well at uni to be a better person within myself and my family life. And to kind of do things properly that’s definitely that’s the main goal.

Key goals vocabulary

achieve your goals
set your goals
excel at your job
I have three main goals
I’ve set myself goals around work
I’m following my dream
It must be of service to humanity
My goals are basically professional
That’s definitely the main goal

Learn more English phrases for talking about plans and goals!


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