FCE Speaking Traditional food – Gastrodiplomacy

FCE Speaking food part 1

  • What kind of food do you like? (Do your family have similar tastes?)
  • Are there many good restaurants near where you live? (Which one would you most recommend?)
  • Do you like a particular kind of foreign food? (What do you like about it?)
  • Have your tastes in food changed since you were a child? (How?/ Is that unusual?)
  • How often do you eat out? (Would you like to do so more often?)

Key video vocabulary

..have taken off in America

A little out of whack

expanding our national identity

Traditional Food video exercises

Watch the video till 1:20. What is gastrodiplomacy?

Do an interactive gap-fill grammar Gastrodiplomacy exercise and an interactive vocabulary exercise

Answer the questions:

  • Where have Thai restaurant taken off?
  • Why is the number of Thai restautants out of whack?
  • What does gastrodiplomacy do?

Traditional food Gastrodiplomacy Full text doc

Speaking about food with pictures

FCE Speaking Food part 2

Compare the photos:

Food stand, asian food, national dance, restaurant

Storytelling about traditional food

Look at the pictures below. Tell a story in different genres (comedy, horror, romcom, detective story, etc.) Read the example:

Lily is a detective at an agency. Her task is to find out a secret identity of a cook, who works at the local restaurant and makes fantastic dishes of Southeast-Asian cuisine.
In the street she sees, probably, a southeastern woman, who lives nearby. Her name is Moana.
Lily asks her if she knows about that secret restaurant cook, but she doesn’t know.
The next day Lily sees Moana for the second time and Moana invites them to go to the countryside. There she tells them about her national cuisine, street food, fruits and veggies.
At the detective agency they all want to know who is this secret Southeast-Asian cook but Lily doesn’t know.
Later, she has a party with her friends and Moana is invited too. Moana brings high-quality Southeast-Asian food made with groceries they bought in the countryside. The guests say that Southeast Asian cuisine is the best cuisine ever! But Lily doesn’t eat. She has to work and find out who is that cook from southeast Asia!

FCE Speaking Traditional Food part 3

What aspect of your culture would you use to expand national identity and culture?

  • Art
  • Food
  • Language
  • Customs
  • Clothes

FCE Speaking Food part 4

  • How have people’s attitudes to foreign food changed over the last 50 years in your country?
  • Is traditional food becoming less popular in your country? Does that worry you? Can it disappear in the future?
  • How important is retaining traditions and country’s traditional food culture, in your opinion?
  • Do you think there is a danger that your country’s traditional cuisine could disappear?
  • Some people protest against having American fast food restaurants in historic areas. How do you feel about that?
  • Can introducing traditional foods of different cultures solve the problem of racism and discrimination?

Find out more speaking questions on FCE Food Part 4 and part 1

FCE Speaking/Food

Breakfast food and a typical drink from Argentina Video exercise


Complete the sentences with your ideas

I usually eat __ in the morning.

And after that I prepare myself __.

__ is a typical __ breakfast.

I rather eat __ than __ in the morning.

Pastries are __.

I like __ the best because __.

Reading and listening about Food

The text is below

Travel the world and try

One of the best things about traveling the world is being able to try some of the most amazing food from countries around the world. This is Katie from creative travel guide and today we are sharing the 15 best foods around the world. Looking for more travel tips make sure you hit subscribe and ring that notification bell.


So our first favorite food from around the world is ramen from Japan. If you are eager to dive into the more luscious flavors of Asia head to the Japanese cuisine ramen. This noodle dish can be partnered with lots of different types of meat and vegetables but you can also find them on every corner of Japan.


Now our next favorite dish from around the world is also an Asian option. It is the hot pot in China. One of the best meals to have when in China has to be their amazing hot pot. To begin with, choose your broth you may stick to a clear soup or go for a sesame and soy sauce black soup or even get a spicy sichuan broth. Next choose your meats seafood and veg ready to cook in the soup in many chinese restaurants around the country. You can find various different sauces for you to choose from as a dipping sauce for your food.


Now our next favorite cuisine in the world is everything Italian. I found this one really hard guys, I could not narrow it down to my favorite italian dish. So everything Italian makes it to the list whether it is pasta pizza, cheese or amazing coffee. Make sure you taste all of the local foods when you are exploring Italy.


Now our next one is a family favorite grilled cheese in the USA. Who doesn’t love a grilled cheese sandwich this classic American sandwich. It became popular in the United States during the 1920s when it was prepared open-faced. Nowadays you can find this melted goodness topped with all sorts of meats and sauces in cafes and restaurants across America.


Our next favorite dish is baguettes from France. When you think of baguettes you obviously think of France. The long light but crispy bread dates back to the 19th century and is a staple for visitors and residents in France. Whilst in the country visit the bakeries early in the morning to get a fresh stick of bread for breakfast.


And the next favorite food is a close one to me fish and chips from England. After a hopefully warm day at the British seaside there is nothing better than tucking into a good portion of fish and chips. Get yourself a battered cod or haddock sprinkle too much salt and vinegar over your greasy chips and enjoy.


And the next best food around the world is a green curry from Thailand. One of the most amazing things about traveling in Thailand is the green Thai curry. The curry isn’t as spicy as other options but tastes delicious. And it is always fresh definitely a must in Thailand.


And another favorite dish of mine is quesadillas from Mexico. Everyone has their favorite Mexican dish but nothing tops the quesadilla. This simple flower or corn tortilla filled with cheese meats and beans is a staple across the country and a must try for travellers. Plus, it is fast becoming one of the most famous foods in the world so you can experience it in destinations across the globe.


So our next favorite dish from around the world is Pho from Vietnam. If you have visited Vietnam or seen photos of the bustling cities in Vietnam, chances are you have seen a hot steaming bowl of Pho. This vietnamese noodle soup is a comfort food for locals and a unique flavor for western visitors. Most often served with chicken or beef broth you can find varieties of this traditional dish all over the country and no two versions will taste the same.


Now our next best dish to eat around the world is paella from Spain. Originally from Valencia this paella dish can be found across Spain and is a must try for visitors. The national rice dish is typically served with vegetables, saffron and seafood or meat sometimes it can be served with chicken rabbit or duck.


Now our next favorite dish is all the way from India. It is biryani. This northern Indian classic dish is enjoyed by many throughout the world. The rice based dish includes spices meats eggs and vegetables. With some restaurants offering biryani with nuts dried fruit or yogurt included as well.


Now our next favorite food is a slightly more healthier option it is the humble Greek salad from Greece. Now I am a big lover of feta cheese so this is partly why this made it to the list. But although it is found in many places around the world nothing beats trying a Greek salad in Athens. This traditional Greek dish is not only delicious but also healthy and is definitely worth eating when visiting Greece.

Southeast Asia

So we have talked about some of our favorite dishes around the world. But of course, we couldn’t do this list without including some amazing desserts as well so a very unique dessert that you can try whilst you’re in Asia is durian. Known as the king of fruit this stinky tropical fruit is popular across southeast Asia and is particularly popular in Thailand. However, it gives off such a bad odour that it is often banned from trains, buses and planes. Whilst you’re in southeast Asia try the creamy custard-like fruit in cakes, ice cream, shaved ice or as a fritter. It is incredibly healthy for you but also tastes pretty good as well.

New Zealand

Now our next popular and favorite dessert is a Pavlova from New Zealand, named after the delicate ballerina the Pavlova. It is the perfect summer treat dessert with a sugary meringue topped with fruit and whipped cream. This dessert is perfect for anyone with a real sweet tooth.

Tea in England

And last but not least, our favorite type of food around the world and this definitely is one of my favorite things to do is afternoon tea in England. This old British tradition of having a tea between 3 and 5 p.m has become a tourist must-do when in the UK. Enjoy sweet and savory mini treats along with tea scones, jam and cream. This is one of my favorite things to do in the UK and I would highly recommend doing it when you are visiting.

What are your favorite foods?

Those are just our top 15 best foods around the world. Let us know what your favorite foods are in the comments below. Thank you so much for watching this video if you liked it please make sure you give us a thumbs up and hit subscribe. Take care guys keep eating some amazing foods around the world. Stay safe and until next time, stay creative.

Key traditional food vocabulary

to take off in America
to expand our national identity
luscious flavors of Asia
to be a staple for visitors and residents
you can experience it in destinations across the globe.
to be a comfort food for locals
to be typically served with vegetables
nothing beats trying a Greek salad
a tourist must-do

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