English esl video lesson Cultural Inequality

Practice speaking about inequality and multiculturalism with this video lesson

Inequality questions

What kinds of inequality exist in your country?

Is there a lot of racial discrimination in your country?

Do you think one day everyone around the world will have equal rights?

Key video vocabulary

Cultural inequality

Cultural inequality


You don’t see yourself reflected

Fulfilled future

In a future that we have not yet fulfilled

Cultural inequality video exercises

Watch the video. What kinds of inequality does she talk about?

Practice listening with a gap-fill exercise, click on the picture:

Woman artist inequality gap-fill exercise
  1. Watch the video again. Whose point of view is considered superior and normal?
  2. Why does cultural inequality exist?
  3. What solutions does she offer?

Cultural inequality Full text doc

Complete the sentences with your ideas:

  1. When I think about inequality, I especially think about ___.
  2. In my country the most common inequality is ___ inequality.
  3. In my country the point of view of ___ is seen as normal.
  4. We don’t really pay attention to ___ but we see it on a regular basis.
  5. Inequality is growing up in the world because ___.
  6. We need to ___ and have to be able to __ .

Why does inequality exist? Will it still exist in the future?

Most cultures are represented only by traditional food and clothes. What can be done about this?

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Additional listening and reading about inequality

The text is below

Cultural landscape of inequality

We live in an era where the Internet makes us feel like we can find out all of the things that we want to find out. And we can go to bed every night feeling like we know the world. But the reality is, because of the way that the cultural landscape is configured, there are millions of
marginalized people
whose stories we never hear, we never see.

Achieving equality and equity

We’re headed towards a country that’s going to be a majority minority, and people have said because we’re diverse now we no longer have inequality. And that’s not true at all. Diversity is a means towards achieving equality and equity. But in and of itself it doesn’t mean that we have a presence of equality and equity.

Get your story into the world

I think in order for us to undo inequality, we really have to take seriously the question of cultural equity. And cultural equity is access to the tools to get your story and your narrative out into the world. And it’s also about people hearing that story. So it’s also about access to those stories through distribution, through the ways in which people are able to communicate one to the other.

Unequal cultural complex

We aren’t able to see the structures that create our culture for us. And so the cultural complex is, in fact, very unequal. We still don’t have a lot of representation of people who are not white in the cultural complex — whether in the culture industry or in the nonprofit arts world, and that significantly affects the kind of stories that we’re hearing, and the people who remain
invisible to our consciousness.

Recognize the invisible

I think that the way we can begin to address inequality is to be able to turn our communities into cauldrons of creativity, and be able to recognize the invisible folks among us. And I think that once people begin to see each other in their true humanity, in their full humanity, that then leads us towards creating a much more just and equal society.

Key vocabulary cultural inequality

cultural inequality
you don’t see yourself reflected
millions of marginalized people
to be a majority minority
to achieve equality and equity
to get your story out into the world
unequal cultural complex
to remain
invisible to our consciousness
to create just and equal society

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