Esl global problems video lessons interactive

Learn vocabulary about social problems and global issues with interactive video lessons and exercises for elementary, intermediate and advanced learners.


  1. Discrimination B1
  2. Cultural inequality B1
  3. Inequalities B2
  4. Racism and respect B2
  5. Prejudice Vocabulary B1
  6. The single story of Africa B2

They are People

  1. What is poverty A2
  2. A big difference to homeless people’s lives B2
  3. The world water crisis B1
  4. Water changes everything B2
  5. Child labour in India A2
  6. Social issues in India C1
  7. Modern slavery B1+


  1. Before I was a refugee B1
  2. Who is a refugee? B1
  3. Teenage refugees B2
  4. The refugee crisis C1
Global problems types Mindmap
Types of global problems Specific issues
Environmentalhabitat and biodiversity loss, nuclear waste, water crisis
Political democratization, corruption
Safety weapons of mass destruction, artificial intelligence arms race, global war, global catastrophic risk, hostile extraterrestrial life, supervolcanic eruption
Social Refugees, lack of education, religious conflicts, animal rights, discrimination, gender equality, aging population, human rights
Economic Unemployment, human migration, lack of economic opportunity and employment, child labour, exploitation
Human well-being Overpopulation, prevention of HIV/AIDS, poverty, malnutrition, famine, food safety

Human rights

  1. Emma Watson Equal rights B1
  2. Two monkeys were paid unequally B1
  3. Battle of the sexes A2+
  4. The civil rights A2
  5. Human rights A2+
  6. Human rights and Black American history A2
  7. Human rights music video B1
  8. Civil rights B2
  9. Civil rights I have a dream B2+
  10. Human rights in Canada B2

Other global problems

  1. Top 10 global problems B1+
  2. 10 biggest challenges in the world B2
  3. What Are The World’s Biggest Problems? B2
  4. Is the world a better place than before B1
  5. Globalization B2
  6. Digital divide B1+
  7. Age A2+
  8. Fast fashion B1+
  9. Consumerism and minimalism B2+
  10. Climate change A2+


  1. Animals in danger A2
  2. Animal rights B1
  3. Animal testing C1

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