Healthy food with Gwyneth Paltrow esl video lesson

Healthy food questions

  • What are your daily meals?
  • Do you eat whole foods and cereals daily?
  • Which food has the most nutrients?
  • What food is a good source of fiber?
  • What veggies are the best to eat?
  • How often do you eat foods that could have a detrimental effect on your health?

Some types of food

Types of foodExamples
High-fat foodsfatty fish, French fries and potato chips, peanut butter, sausage
Low-fat foodsyogurt, dried fruit, cottage cheese
Rich in protein fatty fish, yogurt, Greek yogurt
Cerealswhole wheat bread, oatmeal, oats, rice, wheat
Veggies peas, black beans, leafy greens
Processed foods tinned vegetables, French fries and potato chips, breakfast cereal, takeaway pizza, milk chocolate, cookies, sausage, snacks, peanut butter

Key video vocabulary

I’m obsessed with that stuff

Smoothie that has some good fat and some protein and some fiber

Peanut butter protein bars

Healthy foods video exercises

Watch the video till 1:45. Which of Gwyneth Paltrow’s foods do you eat too?

Complete the gaps with words from the video:

First thing I do when I __ is oil pulling with coconut oil.

It’s an Ayurvedic way to __ bacteria from your mouth.

And then I have coffee and some __ time with my husband.

I’m not a __ __ person.

After I take my kids to school, I go __ to the gym.

I __ to have a smoothie that has some good fat and some protein and some fiber.

Sometimes, if I’m in a __, I just eat these delicious peanut butter protein bars.

Describe Gwyneth Paltrow’s daily routine with the picture below:

Coconut oil, curtains, computer, coffee, man, gym, office, smoke, granola bar

Speaking activity daily and healthy eating

  1. Are you a big breakfast person?
  2. Are there foods you are obsessed with?
  3. What products have good fat, protein and fiber?
  4. What do you eat if you’re in a rush and hungry?
  5. How often do you eat protein bars? Are they healthy?
  6. How would you describe your daily diet and routine?
  7. How to live a healthy lifestyle?
  8. Is healthy food more affordable in the city or countryside?
  9. Can comfort foods be healthy?
  10. How do you usually decide which food is healthy and which isn’t?
  11. Do people eat healthier food after a certain age?
  12. Can desserts be healthy and nutritious? Why, why not?
Healthy food song interactive exercise

Additional listening and reading about healthy foods B1-B2

The text is below

Mood food

A healthy diet is good for the body including giving us a mood boost. So today, Jackie’s sitting down with an expert to find out which feel good foods can help get the job done. Hey, guys, it’s Jackie and I’m here with Registered Dietician, Jessica Dogert and we are talking today about mood food. Food that can make you both healthy and happy. So Jessica, tell me a little bit about how this works. How does the food that we eat effect our mood?

Food impacts our mood

– Food directly impacts your mood. You know it could leave you feeling really sluggish and low energy, or it can leave you feeling really happy, vibrant and energized, stress-free and overall happier.


– You’ve got five different categories that affect our mood in different ways, starting with probiotics. Our gut is considered to be our second brain, so if we take care of our gut, we will have that happy brain in return. So, I always believed that probiotics should be consumed daily. You will truly have a better immune system, and overall digestion and it will leave you feeling happier.

Veggies and fruit

– Second category is veggies and fruit, and, of course, you might think to grab an orange or a banana, but you’ve got some creative ideas to incorporate it too. These are carrot muffins. Yes, you could bake with your veggies. A lot of research shows that a higher intake of produce is gonna result in more energy, more calm, and a greater sense of happiness with that magic number being seven servings per day. They’re full of antioxidants and flavonols so when we nourish our body with these nutrient-dense foods, our body sends us signals like I love you, I love what you’re doing to me. These are just fun ways besides grabbing an apple or an orange. Energy always makes everyone happy right? – Yeah.


-The third one I’m happy just looking at it, it’s chocolate. A lot of research is suggesting that those who eat about an ounce and a half of dark chocolate daily, you’re gonna have reduced stress hormones. You want to go for at least 70% cacao. It has antioxidants just like the fruits and veggies that are really gonna boost that brain power, but it also has something called a cocoa flavonol. So cocoa flavanols dilate the vascular system, and just allow for better blood flow and more energy.


– Now the fourth category here is fish. So foods high in Omega-3 fatty acids, specifically EPA and DHA found in fatty fish, it’s gonna help to reduce depression, as well as mood swings. So if you think about it, our brain is primarily comprised of healthy fats. So if we’re nourishing it with these essential fatty acids, not only again does it lead to that more mental clarity and energy and things like that, but you are just nourishing your body at that cellular level so you can thrive.


– And finally you’ve got one more category. What have we got here? – Turmeric. So turmeric acts as a natural antidepressant, all thanks to an active compound called curcumin which is very antiinflammatory in the brain and the body. When you think about having an inflamed brain from things like sugar or processed carbs, that actually leaves us feeling really sluggish and having that low energy. But when we reduce inflammation in our body, it actually leaves us feeling vibrant and energized.

Be mindful

– Okay. So the take away here is that however we choose to nourish our bodies, whatever fuel we’re putting in, does have an impact on our mood and we can be more mindful about those choices. Exactly so things like probiotics, a lot of fruits and veggies, dark chocolate, fatty fish and turmeric, it’s all gonna help you not only nourish your body but leave you feeling really energized, calm, a greater sense of happiness and just reduce stress levels. Okay. Thank you, Jessica. Yeah, you’re welcome. We want to see how you are eating healthy. Tag us with your shots on Instagram @livinghealthytv.

Do an interactive exercise on mood food!

Breakfast food and a healthy drink from Argentina Video exercise


Complete the sentences with your ideas

I usually eat __ in the morning.

And after that I prepare myself __.

__ is a typical __ breakfast.

I rather eat __ than __ in the morning.

Pastries are __.

I like __ the best because __.

Key healthy foods vocabulary

I’m obsessed with that stuff
Smoothie that has some good fat and some protein and some fiber
Peanut butter protein bars
to boost brain power and to give us a mood boost
to feel really sluggish and low energy
to feel really happy, vibrant, energized and stress-free
to have a better immune system and better blood flow
these nutrient-dense foods
to reduce inflammation
Time travel dietitian interactive exercise

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Learn English with Gwyneth Paltrow Healthy food

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