Favorite and comfort food video lesson with Tyra Banks

Talk about food questions

  • What food do you enjoy eating?
  • What is your favorite cuisine?
  • What do you usually eat and drink in the morning?
  • What foods can have a detrimental effect on your health?
  • Are you obsessed with any comfort foods?
  • Can comfort food make you happy?

Key video vocabulary

key video vocabulary

Coffee with a little bit of flavor

Plain bagel

I cut a bagel in half

Favorite food video exercises

Watch the video till 2:35. What does Tyra Banks eat in the morning?

simplified text

Do an interactive vocabulary matching exercise!

True or false:

  • Tyra Banks likes her coffee with vanilla flavor and cream
  • She doesn’t like onion bagels
  • She fills a bagel with cream cheese
  • A microwaved cream cheese bagel has a different flavor than a pre-microwaved one

Speaking activity about food and cooking

Describe how Tyra Banks makes her bagel using a picture below:

Favorite and comfort foods discussion

  1. Do you like coffee with a flavor or without?
  2. What are your favorite pastries?
  3. What is your favorite national dish?
  4. How do you prepare your breakfast?
  5. What is a minimalist breakfast?
  6. Why are comfort and ultra-processed foods are dangerous for you?
  7. What foods are good for your health?
  8. How can comfort foods change in the future?
  9. Are there comfort foods connected with festivals or traditions?
  10. Do you know any superstitions about food?
  11. What food do you like to eat at restaurants?
  12. How do you decide what to eat?
  13. What food do people usually eat at work?
  14. Would you start a food business?
  15. What your favorite dessert? Is it healthy or not?

Write and tell a comic story

Additional video exercises about food elementary

Argentinian breakfast and traditional drink video with interactive exercise


Complete the sentences with your ideas

  1. I usually eat __ in the morning.
  2. And after that I prepare myself __.
  3. __ is a typical __ breakfast.
  4. I rather eat __ than __ in the morning.
  5. Pastries are __.
  6. I like __ the best because __.

Favorite cuisine dialogue with interactive exercise


Complete the sentences with your ideas

  1. I think I usually like __ food.
  2. I guess my favorite food is anything __
  3. __ is my favorite dish
  4. My favorite dish has to be __ because I think __ is amazing
  5. I think my favorite side thing is __
  6. Eating __ is a little bit unhealthy so I replace __ for __
  7. I like eating __ raw
  8. For dessert I like __ and stuff like that. 
  9. I like/don’t like eating __ by itself 

What foods do you love?


Favorite food revision videos with key vocabulary

  • What is your favorite dish?
  • Is it healthy or unhealthy?
  • Why is it tasty?
  • What types of _ do you like?
  • Where is your favorite _ place?
  • What is it called?
  • Is it near your home?
  • Would your replace _ for _ ?

Complete the sentences with your ideas

The best food I have ever eaten has to be __. I had it for the first time __ in a place near __. __ are awesome, a little bit __ but really __.
I also tried __ . It was __ . I usually like all types of __ but this one is really good. This type of __ is from __ and is also popular __ . I want to make this __ myself. I rather __ without __. I replace __ for __. I like to drink __, eat and stuff like that in __ by myself. Not everyone likes to __, but I love it and __ has a good __ . I’m gonna go back to __ and eat _ and drink __. I guess __ as well. That can be really __ to try for __.

Types of comfort food

Visit a virtual Irish bakery tour!

bagel and cream cheese
pastries and cookies
ice cream sundae
a French crepe
French fries and potato chips
takeaway pizza
Mac and Cheese

More food videos: favorite food, British food, comfort food

BBC 6 minute English Comfort food


Learn more about comfort foods from France with a video lesson!


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