Music performance speaking video lesson

Music concert discussion questions

  • What music video or a concert has made an impression on you?
  • What was the last performance you watched? Did you enjoy it?
  • What music performances are worth watching?
  • Do you attend events in your town or do you go somewhere else?
  • What’s the difference between watching a performance live and watching it on TV?

Best concert you have ever been to Video listening exercises

Complete the sentences with your ideas

  1. I think the best concert I have ever been to was probably at __
  2. __ so there was like a really really good vibe.
  3. Some awesome thing is to have a group that __ on the stage
  4. The __ is awesome and the __ is amazing at __

Key music performance video vocabulary

the best concert I have ever been to
a really good vibe
just a lot of fun
They have such a good diversity
some awesome thing is to have a group that is really giving something on the stage
I had a really really good time
sounds like fun

Speaking activity

Describe the concert people went to in the picture below

Describe a music concert you have seen IELTS cue card

You should say:

  • what kind of concert it was
  • where and when it took place
  • who you saw it with

and explain whether you enjoyed this music concert or not

Additional videos to describe performances

About live music intermediate

FCE music word formation exercise

Describe a show or performance that you enjoyed watching


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