Korean marathon 7 months Day 12

Finally found the whole? list of memorization methods. It not an easy job to remember. I thought I could just encounter a word about seven times and it will be in my memory forever. But no. Just the collection of sounds doesn’t stick to the brain easily. You have to create meaningful associations, which could make sense only to you. Here is the list of memorization techniques:

  • self-referencing
  • mental palace
  • spaced repetition
  • chunking
  • mnemonics (imagery, associations, ..)
  • And more?
Memory strategies

In my case, I had to remember the word “small” in Korean. It is 작아요 (jag-ayo) or 작은 (jag-eun) adjective form. It would be impossible to remember unless I imagined a guy Chuck who is really small.

The use of two-sided card and context with a picture. 뭐예요? What is it?
Chuck is the smallest guy. 작은 가방이에요. This is a small bag.

So, I used self-referencing (I have a really small green bag!), and a strong, vivid association to make sure not to forget. Maybe, also we can put this little poor Chuck into my small green bag?

a little green bag

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