Korean marathon 7 months Day 25

While talking to people of different cultures, it is important to understand. .See the signs. When taking to people of “indirect”, high-context culture, all? the important aspects of communication are conveyed through “hints”. It can be rather frustrating. For me. But already I have had enough of “mysterious” changing of speech style while talking to Koreans.

I told my friend a joke about this just recently. “Only in Korean culture you start talking in informal style but end up talking in extra formal-official style”.

For real it’s not a joke.

For now, finding a language exchange partner for Korean has been a fail. We found 3 people. One Russian-Korean for group studies and two Koreans as tandem partners. After 1-2 times they all quit. My level of excitement is really low comparing to Day 9😅. But I still have myself to practice with! 🎉☕

Wikimedia commons photo of stars

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