Age ESL video lesson

Questions about age and aging

  • What age do you consider to be old?
  • What’s the difference between being old and being young?
  • Do you feel your age?
  • Are you obsessed about your age?
  • What would you like to achieve by the age of __?
  • Would you like to be immortal? Why? Why not?
  • Do people make decisions differently with age?
  • Can life be vibrant at any age?

Age video exercises

Watch the video. What’s the main idea?

Complete the sentences with your ideas:

  1. When you’re 100 years old _ will take a lot of time
  2. When you’re __, you can’t/can do a push-up
  3. When I’m 100 years old, I will spend a lot of time __(doing what?)

Video discussion questions Age

Which ages can you put below? How old can they be?

be of age

Discuss the following proverbs:

Spin the wheel, see the age and think about advantages and disadvantages of this age!

Additional listening videos about age

Idioms about age

  • all ages and stripes
  • to come of age
  • Coon’s age
  • in a dog’s age

Find more materials with a British Council lesson about age!


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