The future of humans ESL video lesson

Key video vocabulary

  • To enhance hearing
  • To aid our survival
  • Immune to disease
  • To download the consciousness

Watch the video

  • How will people look like in the future?
  • Will people age?
  • Where will humans live?

What was mentioned in the video?

  1. Hearing and eye sight will be enhanced
  2. We will be able to record videos with our eyes
  3. People will see through walls
  4. Aging will be stopped
  5. Humans will be immune to diseases
  6. Artificial body parts or organs will be normal

Spin the wheel to answer questions about the future!

Future predictions list

Additional videos about future and predictions

Idioms with the future

  • future shock
  • for the foreseeable future
  • once and future
  • wave of the future

Discover a lesson plan about bio-engineering and the future


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