Eating Healthy Dessert ESL lesson

Food questions



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National Dessert Day

Key video vocabulary

decadent food

fudgy food

to bring out flavor

Healthy dessert video vocabulary interactive exercise

Eating healthy dessert video exercise pre-intermediate

Watch the video. Is the dessert in the video healthy? Why? Why not?

Complete the sentences with your ideas:

  • My favorite, delicious dessert is __
  • __is a great alternative to
  • These are gonna be perfect for__
  • A special treat but made with better-for-you ingredients is__
  • To make these we’re starting off with__
  • I’m combining some _ along with some _
  • I’m adding in some __in order to bring out flavor

Video discussion questions

  1. Would you make this dessert?
  2. What ingredients did she use to make the dessert?
  3. How did she bring out chocolate flavor?
  4. Do you enjoy decadent food?
  5. What do you cook for special occasions?
  6. What is your favorite comfort food?
  7. How to make your desserts healthier?
  8. What makes food unhealthy?

Additional food videos

Key eating healthy dessert/food vocabulary

special occasions
decadent food
a special treat
cassava flour
a flax egg
a pinch of salt
to bring out flavor
__ is made with better-for-you ingredients

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