Adele interview video&text

Well, I reckon that this is a perfect time to do 73 questions with Adele to pinch myself that this is actually happening right now. How are you? – I’m doing so much better now than I’m with you. – Me too I’m so excited. – I know. – I think we’ve been trying to do this for a long time. – Six, Seven years, here we go. – Six, seven years. Let’s get into it. – Okay. – How is Adele doing these days?

I’m great. I’m really great. I’m excited. I’m about to put my new album now. – And I’d assume that that’s the number one thing you’re most excited about in life, right? – It is And that’s why you’re here. – That is the reason I’m here. And it’s so good to see you in hot and sunny Los Angeles. – It is typical Brit wearing a track suit in this like 90 degree weather.

It’s okay. You look great. And how has Los Angeles and the States been treating you these days? – Great I’ve, I’ve loved being here, I’m very calm. – The past year has been challenging. – Yeah, it has. – Has there been one thing you’ve learned during this time? – Just how much of a homebody I am.

I probably would never leave my house if I didn’t need to. – And I ask this question on behalf of fans everywhere. – Okay. – When are we going to see you next live or in concert, on tour? – As soon as possible. I’m ready to go. Really…It’s just up to COVID. So just keep on wearing your masks and don’t be spreading that Delta and who knows? – Let me help you with that. – Oh, thank you. – Okay. I think we should dive into your childhood. – Oh I’d love that.

Let’s do it. How did you realize that you had a great voice? – I guess, cause I got signed to XL, so like brilliant. So I don’t really write and sing with that. – Is your mom musical? – She’s like, yeah. She’s she’s a fan of music.


  • a track suit
  • to start gigging
  • a homebody
  • to get signed to a record label
  • to be on tour

Adele interview exercise


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