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Every scuber diver I know dreams of going to the Galapagos. Being able to dive there was a dream. So we wake up super early in the morning and go to the dive shop. The gear is already there. Try it on, super easy. We got a great dive briefing. Got all of our gear together and then headed off to the dive boat, which was 45 minutes away.

And we get on the boat and then we’ve got this beautiful hour and 20 minute boat ride. We saw all the Galapagos Islands and Cousins Rocks. When we get in the water there it says completely different scene. It’s clear and there’s huge waves crashing up against these rocks. And they are sea lions diving down from the waves that you can see from underneath. Just big old sea lions like just swimming all over the place around us. And they were blowing bubbles at us. It was really fun and they come right in front of you they’re not scared of the divers at all.

And then we head off on the dive and there are all these fish everywhere in this huge school of fish. Sea life there was beautiful. They were chromis and damselfish and amore. We saw a big moray eel huge just in a hole. It’s very cool. The sea life around there was outrageous.

When anybody sees something you knock on your tank and make a loud noise underwater. And then you give a signal for whatever you’ve seen either a shark, turtles. We saw a spotted eagle ray which is beautiful. There’s different hand signals for the different creatures so that everyone gets a chance to see everything.

Oh my god, we saw sea horses! I forgot about the sea horses. We saw two sea horses: one big black one is about that tall and then one smaller orange one. It was really really cool and first time I’ve ever seen a seahorse in the wild.

But the moments that really stands out that was the really coolest thing was I sort of wondered what it would be like to just swim forward into the massive school of fish. And then I realized that it was coming towards us, which never happens in the wild. Fish don’t ever come that close. And the the huge massive school of fish just kind of engulfed us while we were waiting there in the current. And just went in there around. There were fish everywhere it looks like this big sphere of fish. It was really really cool.

And when we come up to the surface everyone is just smiling. You just can’t stop smiling. You’re so happy because you’ve experienced a part of the world that so few people get to see. And so much of the world lives in.

Very important tips about safety. First, you never dive alone. Second, you don’t go up and down all the time that’s very very dangerous. Third one, don’t lie about you medical conditions.

Most of the world is underwater and getting to become a part of that even for a minute in a place as astonishing as the Galapagos it’s like the hand of God.


  • the gear is already there
  • headed off to the dive boat
  • 20 minute boat ride
  • sea life around was outrageous
  • different creatures
  • first time I’ve ever seen a seahorse in the wild
  • we were waiting there in the current
  • we come up to the surface

Vocabulary exercise

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