Reasons of poor health video&text

Text extracts

  1. Even before we’re born there are factors at play which influence our health and well-being.
  2. The conditions in which we’re born grow and live can affect us and our health in different ways.
  3. Poverty and stress, lack of adequate housing, education, unemployment and poor access to transport and nutritious food are some of the things that can affect our health and life expectancy.
  4. A little bit of wealth can increase your likelihood of being healthier.
  5. A stable source of healthy food, appropriate affordable and secure housing education and employment, relief from financial distress access to transport and services, loving and stable relationships. And being able to make choices about our lives means we are less likely to have poor health.
  6. To see the whole person and try to understand the reality of their daily situation ask them what they think would make a difference to their lives and really listen.
  7. It may be that taking care of their health in the way you suggest won’t be easy. It may make things more stressful for them so try and see what other support you can offer.
  8. Talk to nutritionists who can work with people to cook a healthy meal on limited income.
  9. Offer education about making better lifestyle choices to encourage healthy eating.
  10. But remember that all the advice on good nutrition will be a challenge if people are living on a limited budget.
  11. Even one small action like really listening and being compassionate can go a long way to improving their health.


Reasons of poor health

  • poverty
  • unemployment
  • poor access to transport and nutritious food
  • expensive and insecure housing
  • genetic family history
  • bad lifestyle choices
  • discrimination, racism and social isolation
  • feeling unable to change things

Solutions to improve health

  • stable source of healthy food/ nutrition
  • affordable and secure housing
  • no financial distress
  • access to transport and services
  • loving and stable relationships
  • know where to turn for help (counseling, housing assistance)
  • knowledge on how to cook a healthy meal with limited income
  • learn how to make better lifestyle choices

Reasons and solutions of poor health interactive exercise

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