Cork Irish travel video&text


Welcome to Cork as we say in the Gaelic language. I am John Kennedy. I want to welcome you to Cork, Ireland’s real capital city. Cork: It’s got an amazing atmosphere. It’s a young city, a student city, great pubs, friendly people, on the banks of the beautiful river Lee.

So this is why the Vikings founded the city here. The river Lee. Now over a thousand years ago, this area was a marsh, containing many small islands, and that’s why the Vikings founded a city, because from here they could trade for and raid within the interior.

And Cork, the name, comes from Gaelic, Corcaigh, meaning marsh or swamp. Another thing that’s special about Cork is, Cork has got 29 bridges on the river Lee. Dublin has only got 24. So that makes us the Venice of Ireland.

St. Ann’s Church was built in the 18th century, built on the site of a much older medieval church. Not only is it a beautiful church to visit but it is still an active church. Sunday service is held here every week.
And the best thing about St. Anne’s is, you get to ring the bells. You choose the song you want to play, follow the numbers and just listen to the song.

Here in St. Anne’s, not only can we get to ring the famous bells, we also have a terrific view of Cork city. So this is where I get to show you Cork’s English Market. Famous for its locally produced and imported organic produce, but it is much more than that: I come here to buy my fresh fruits and vegs. However I also come here for the chat, to catch up on the gossip.
So the English Market dates right back to the 18th century. It’s called the English Market because back then the only ones allowed to own stalls in there were the Protestants, who were known as the English, hence the name: the English Market.
How is it going? You’re very busy here today. Every dark cloud has a silver lining and every silver lining has a dark cloud.

So what´s the best thing about the English Market? It’s the sights, it’s the sounds, it’s the smells. You can smell, you can sense where the food comes from. It’s like having the whole world right here in Cork.

So, how do you finish a day in Cork? Where else than in a pub? This is where you meet genuine Cork people. And I can assure you, when you are in a pub in Cork, you always have a pint of Beamish and you are never alone. Sláinte!


  • on the banks of the beautiful river Lee
  • the Vikings founded the city
  • this area was a marsh
  • Cork has got 29 bridges
  • Sunday service is held  every week
  • to ring the bells
  • a terrific view of Cork city
  • locally produced organic produce
  • It’s like having the whole world right here

Cork travel interactive exercise


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