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Hey YouTube. It’s Carly Knobloch and today I’m teaming up with Wayfair to show you five ways to make your home more eco-friendly.

This is one of the easiest ideas to change. Try swapping out your sheets for organic cotton. Not only are they made without any process dyes or harmful chemicals, which makes them better for you and your family. But they’re harvested responsibly, which makes them better for the environment.

Next up let’s talk about your bedside lamp. An easy switch will be to take the incandescent bulb out and put an LED bulb in. These bulbs are bright. They come in a range of warm colors and they use 80 percent less energy than a regular bulb. Plus, they last for years so they’re a great investment. Another easy fix try swapping out your regular curtains with thermal backed curtains. Thermal backing will help keep the heat inside your home and keep the cold out saving you energy and money.

Let’s talk about composting. When people hear that word they think it’s a big messy, smelly project. But I promise it couldn’t be easier. Wayfair has a ton of composting kits that make getting set up super simple. You just add your leaves and scraps give it the occasional spin. And then use the nutrient-rich soil in your garden. Your flowers are gonna love it.

Finally, consider a faucet aerator. It’s a little attachment that can save you a lot of money. You just screw it onto your faucet and it adds air to the water that’s coming out of your tap. You won’t really notice it in your day to day life but you’ll be conserving a lot of water.

Well, I hope you’re inspired to go a little greener in your home and you give head to if you want to shop anything you see here or for more great ideas.


  • try swapping out your sheets
  • without any process dyes or harmful chemicals
  • put an LED bulb in
  • they last for years
  • try swapping out your regular curtains
  • keep the heat inside your home
  • nutrient-rich soil in your garden
  • a faucet aerator

Interactive video exercise eco friendly home

Grammar comparatives

  • Much/more eco-friendly
  • Good/better for you
  • Little/less energy
  • it couldn’t be easy/easier
  • to go a little green/greener in your home

Complete the sentences with your ideas: better for the environment than…
… are more/less enjoyable… than …
It is calmer to…than…


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