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Welcome to Funchal. The capital city of Madeira Island, the pearl of the Atlantic. My name is Rúben Freitas and I am going to guide you through the city. I love to live in Funchal. You have mountains, you have the sea, there is a happy atmosphere on the streets. You have beautiful architecture, it’s a very special place to live. Let me introduce you to the old part of Funchal, the old town, Zona Velha. 600 years ago Funchal was born here. Still you can see some houses still remain the same.

One of the characteristics of the old town are these painted doors. All around the streets you can find several of art painted at the doors. Here we are at the Mercado dos Lavradores. And here is the most visited place in the whole island. It’s something that you have to come and see and see the activity inside. They have fish, flowers, fruits, vegetables, nice people. This fruit, banana-ananás, pineapple-banana, it only grows here in Madeira. It’s really exotic and really sweet, it’s one of my favourite ones.

Now I will take you up in the cable car to a special place called Monte. Monte is a local mountain, around 600 meters high. It’s a fresh place during the summer, a good choice for tourists and locals. One of the highlights of Monte is the Tropical Garden. Inside you can see endemic plants, flowers and trees. They only exist here in the island of Madeira The best way to go down from Monte is with Carreiros do Monte. There is no translation for that because this profession only exists here in the Madeira island. They are responsible for more than 150 years carrying tourists and locals down to Funchal. So let’s go!

For our last stop — of course — I have to take you to the beach! These beautiful natural pools are the perfect place to end my day. I hope that you had fun like me. See you soon in Funchal city. It’s time for my swim.


  • the pearl of the Atlantic
  • to guide you through the city
  • around 600 meters high
  • One of the highlights of Monte is the Tropical Garden
  • They only exist here in the island of Madeira
  • carrying tourists and locals down to Funchal

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