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Where can you hang out with musicians,  discover beautiful architecture and taste the sweet, but somewhat fishy, local cuisine? It has to be Glasgow!  
This is my travel bucket list for a day in Scotland’s largest city. But don’t forget your umbrella! Glasgow is famous for its architecture,  both Victorian and modern. And it  has a legendary music scene. It’s also considered to be one of the world’s  friendliest cities! Let’s go check it out!

Tip 1. For the main things to see: architecture.  Most of the city as seen today dates back to the 19th century, which is why Glasgow is renowned for its historical architecture.  Some of the most famous  examples are the university,   as well as the Glasgow city chambers. As is Kelvingrove art museum, one of the most iconic  buildings in Glasgow.

And the great thing about  Scottish museums is that most of them are free! The museum and gallery displays an eclectic  mix of art and history, architecture and design. And an impressive concert pipe organ.  One of its prized exhibits features the art  Nouveau style of Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh. He is to Glasgow, and Scotland,  what Antoni Gaudi is to Barcelona and Spain.   His so-called Glasgow style includes  the famous ladies tearooms of the late  19th and early 20th century, which were  created as a public space for women.  

Now it’s time to try the local cuisine so  I’m headed to a fish and chip shop, of course.  Glaswegians love their fried food, and  today I want to try something I’ve never had before, despite growing up in Scotland! I’d really like to try this deep-fried mars bar  that I keep hearing things about! Yeah sure. It’s my first time trying the  mars bar. How is it made?   If you like, you can come back  here and see the process.  

I discover that the popular Scottish snack is literally just the chocolate bar,  dipped in batter and fried in oil.   It’s then served with ice cream and chocolate sauce  – as if it wasn’t already sweet enough! Here we have the deep-fried mars bar that  I keep hearing really good things about…   Actually it tastes really good.   Admittedly, it does have a slightly fishy aftertaste though…  

Now it’s time for my must do: discover Glasgow’s  music scene. The Ben Nevis pub is one of many in the city that hosts regular live music events.  Tonight, this group is getting together to play some traditional Scottish folk music. Luc McNally is a professional musician from Newcastle,  but has made a home for himself here in Glasgow. It’s a vibe.

When you’re walking down the  street, the main stretch of Glasgow streets like  Sauchiehallstreet for example, you can walk into  loads of bars around midnight and there’ll always be something happening with live music. It’ll be  really great or it’ll be terrible or not be to your liking but there’s always something happening  and it’s all dead different so that’s great.  

Well the people here really are as friendly  as they claim to be and I’ve had so many   great experiences here in Glasgow. 10 out of 10, would recommend.


  • you hang out with musicians
  • Glasgow is  renowned for its historical architecture
  • one of the most iconic  buildings in Glasgow
  • I’m headed to a fish and chip shop
  • it does have a slightly  fishy aftertaste
  • Pubs host regular live music events
  • there’ll always  be something happening with live music

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Discussion questions Scotland travel

  1. Do you hang out with locals when you travel?
  2. What is the first destination you are headed to in a new city/place?
  3. Do you prefer travelling by car or train/plane?
  4. What is a slow travel for you?
  5. What places are your desired travel destinations?
  6. What European places would you like to visit?
  7. How do you like going off the beaten path?

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