Customer service video&text


Hi. I’m been trying to get in touch with your office to return these but nobody seems to be happy to..

Have you tried emailing us?

Yes, I have emailed.

Okay. Well that’s what you can do. You have to email it through and someone will get back to you when they can.

Snd what would be the time frame?

It’s up to them. That’s not in my department. I can’t help you. you need to do it online.

So is there someone that you might be able to ask if they’ll be able to see us.

I can’t help you. It’s all done online within our online team. I don’t know what more you want me to do.

Is that maybe you can ask somebody if they could help with this.

Well, no because I’m the only one here and I haven’t had lunch and I can’t leave so you’re just gonna have to go back online wait for someone to call you and go from there. This isn’t my area. If you want to buy something I can help you.

Okay, this is terrible customer service. Is there another manager or someone that I could talk to?

We do have an on online chat room that you can lodge your dispute with but I don’t have anyone here that you can speak with.

Okay well I’ll need to follow this up with someone and thank you for not being helpful.

Okay great.

Thank you very much. Have a lovely day. Bye.

Hello how are you?

Good thanks.

How are you?

Good. Thank you.

I just want to return this. I’ve bought one for my husband on the weekend and he’s already received it so is it possible that I could get a refund for that?

Yeah absolutely. Have you lodged something online yet?

I did but nobody seems to have gotten back to me yet so I thought I’d just pop into the office.

Okay sorry about that usually turn around is 24 hours but I can definitely help you with that.

I’ll just look up some of your details here. What is your name?

Claire Montgomery.

Perfect. I can see you purchased that on the weekend with the credit card and would you like that refund back on to the credit card?

That would be wonderful.

Wonderful. I can take care of that. From here you’ll receive it within 10 business days. Is there anything else I can help you with?

No, that’s wonderful thank you.

Have a great day.


  • someone will get back to you
  • that’s not in my department
  • I could get a refund for that
  • I’d just pop into the office
  • would you like that refund back on to the credit card?
  • You will receive that within ten business days

Customer service audio vocabulary exercise

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