New Zealand travel video lesson

Pronunciation vocabulary




  • That makes sense
  • Can I have a dream beard?
  • fresh crayfish dream
  • Just pedal
  • I don’t want this dream to be over
  • Just book a ticket!

Vocabulary exercise

New Zealand vocabulary interactive exercise



Kia ora. What are you doing in here?
You’re having a dream about New Zealand my Australian friend. And I’m in it. That makes sense. I have been dreaming of going  to New Zealand. Can I have a dream beard?
Yeah sure. Let’s go!
Ahaha, this is my favorite part.

Yes! Everyone in here is me.
Except for Di Kiaora Di! Kia ora Ty! She’s doing another Australian’s fresh crayfish dream.
I’m in another Aussie’s dream?
It’s actually quite a complicated complex crayfish crossover. But if you don’t think about it. Just pedal
Ah lovely.
Are all kiwis that big? Nah that’s a dream kiwi. Oooh. Don’t look it in the eyes!
My beard! I don’t want this dream to be over. It doesn’t have to be my little hairless buddy! Just book a ticket! Come on kiwi!

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