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  • A great glimpse into local everyday life
  • with artsy statues and beautiful floral decoration
  • Visit a flea market to bring a souvenir back
  • take a tour of the Ararat brandy factory
  • the statue is situated on a high pedestal



As the capital of historic and culturally rich Armenia, Yerevan has a lot to offer to its visitors. So if you are looking for the best things to do in Yerevan you are in the right spot.

Number one. Republic Square. Republic square lies in the center of the city offering a great glimpse into local everyday life. It took almost 50 years to complete the building of the square. However, most of it was constructed in the 1950s.

Number two cascade stairway. And museum located in the very center of Yerevan. The cascade complex is a massive staircase with many terraces adorned with artsy statues and beautiful floral decoration. Go all the way up to have a 360 degree view of the city and mount Ararat.

Number three. The Armenian genocide museum. The Tsitsernakaberd memorial honors all the victims of Armenian genocide carried out by the ottomans in 1915. The center of the memorial features an eternal flame that has been continuously lit since the opening ceremony.

Number four. Vernisage flea market. When visiting a new city chances are that you’ll want to bring some kind of a souvenir back home. The best place to shop for them is the Vernisage flea market which basically has anything you could ever imagine.

Number five. Ararat brandy factory. Take a tour of the Ararat brandy factory to learn more about the local spirit and even try a sample on its grounds. Produced since 1887 Ararat brandy is made from Armenian spring water and local white grapes.

Number six. Mother Armenia monument. Mother Armenia is a female representation of Armenia itself located in Victory park overlooking the capital. The statue is situated on a high pedestal and is 51 meters 167 feet high in total. The monument symbolizes peace through strength and looks like a guardian of Yerevan.

Number 7. Yerevan great blue mosque. This beautiful blue mosque is a shia mosque built in the 18th century. Much like any other religious buildings the mosque stopped its service during Soviet rule. However, after Armenia gained its independence, the mosque was renovated with support from the Iranian government.

Number 8. History museum of Armenia. History buffs will enjoy a visit to the history museum of Armenia, which has departments of numismatics, ethnography, archaeology and modern history. With its national collection of four hundred thousand objects, the museum is regarded as Armenia’s national museum.

Number nine. Erebuni museum. The opening of the Erebuni museum in 1968 coincided with the 2750th anniversary of the city. Standing at the foot of Ottenberg hill, you can explore the museum and the jurassian fortress. Erebuni that sits atop it, which has been turned into an outdoor museum.

Number 10. Sergey Paradzhanov museum. Sergey Paradzhanov was a Soviet director and artist of Armenian origin. The house museum represents his artistic and literary heritage and was founded in 1988 when Paradzhanov moved to Yerevan and started the construction project for it.

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