Blake Lively and cardboard Jimmy video lesson

Pronunciation vocabulary




  • a cardboard of me
  • unlikable people.
  • breaking news
  • It’s a little confusing
  • I get it all the time
  • hanging out with you guys
  • I’m holding a shirt

Cardboard Jimmy interactive vocabulary exercise



I knew you were going back in a couple of weeks. And I knew you would miss me. So I gave you a..

There is a real danger of that. I’m missing you a lot.

I gave you a cardboard of me to take with you for the last two weeks. Can we show a clip of that?
You just take me with you and you guys can hang out.

Can we fold him?
-Watch your hands first of all. Be careful.

It’s not cardboard though. It’s like acrylic fingernails.

Was it fun travelling around with me? Did you like me?
-Yeah. It sort of messed my home life a little bit.
-It did?

Coz Ryan and I kind of don’t have friends.
-Makes sense. Two unlikable people.

It sort of caused some problems at home.

I did bring a bit of a home video to share. Prepare yourselves because it’s maybe breaking news. It’s a big moment in time.

Jimmy, who is Jimmy? Where is your dada?



So I wanted to take this time.

How cute is that.

I really love you a lot.

It’s a little confusing. Ever since we took you and even backstage he’s like “dada” on the first day. I mean I should do a paternity test.

This is the wrong show. I get it all the time.
I asked you to take some photos if you could. And you were very nice to take some photos of cutout me hanging with you guys.
Here’s me and your husband Ryan. Am I in a high chair?

Yeah, you’re in a high chair. You’re drinking scotch in a high chair. What’s interesting is that I was supposed to take the photos. But I suddenly see Ryan hanging out with you. This isn’t a part of a deal.

Look at this. It’s nice of him to pour me a drink. What a good dude. We are having a good time. We are laughing. We are having fun. We’ve almost drunk the whole bottle.

It’s almost like it’s not affecting you at all.

No, the whole bottle is gone. And now this is unfortunate. And I’m holding a shirt yeah.
-He’s gonna be pregnant with your child soon.

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