Teen activities in Sydney video lesson

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  • top activities
  • Treetop adventures
  • The cost is average
  • have a blast
  • The aim is to escape
  • theme park that has many rides
  • change your mind
  • skydiving simulation

Interactive vocabulary exercise Sydney teen experiences

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Are you having trouble finding a great place to spoil your teen’s birthday? I’m here to help. The team travels. Welcome everyone to team travels where I give you tips and tricks to finding your teen’s dream destination.

Today we are talking about the top activities to do for your teenagers parties in Sydney.
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  • Number one. Treetop adventures Sydney. Treetop adventures is an amazing place to have fun with family and friends. It’s a challenging climb but once you complete it, you would want to go again and again. Treetop adventures is located in Harrow park in western Sydney parklands, which is on the back of Sydney itself. The cost of the treetop adventures is average. For 10 to 16 is around 60 for a group of six people.
  • Number two. VR escape room. Trust me when I say you and your family will have a blast. The VR escape room is like an escape room you see almost everywhere but instead you have a VR. So instead of going into a room you are in a VR projected room. The aim is to escape from the room but you can’t without teamwork. The cost 49 dollars Monday to Thursday and 59 dollars for Friday to Sunday.
  • Number three. We have luna park. Luna park is an amazing theme park that has many rides and activities for teenagers. There are roller coasters, prizes to be won and amazing carnival foods. Luna park prices are also very cheap. Location first Olympic drive miles point new south Wales. Cost: buy an unlimited pass for fifty dollars and party package for fifty five dollars to seventy seven dollars.
  • Number four. We have go karting and paintball. If you still don’t know where to go, this might change your mind. Go karting is always a team favorite and so is paintball. This place is amazing. It has nice and fun tracks for friends to race on but paintball is fun too. Teens would have fun on both but it’s your family’s choice. Location Concord west.
  • Last but not least we have number five Ifly. Ifly is one of the best activities for young and teenagers. Let me tell you why Ifly is a skydiving simulation that makes you feel like you are flying. It is an amazing experience. Ifly is located around Australia including Sydney. This play is amazing and at an okay price as well. Location 123 Malgal road new south Wales. Cost 10 flights of 440 dollars for two to five people and one thousand two hundred dollars for two flights for up to sixty.

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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