Cars doors esl video

Vocabulary pronunciation

Rip off


Vocabulary cars doors

  • I’m in a rush
  • recently
  • Not the best of luck
  • nobody’s hurt
  • drove into our garage full speed
  • a great opening line
  • ripped off the same door

Vocabulary exercise

Cars doors vocabulary exercise interactive

Cars and doors interview video

Watch until 1:30


Joe you have not had the best of luck recently with automobiles? That’s right? What’s happened? You like a good car?

Well I bought Twitter last year. Right and now we do have a Tesla that has the you know the yellow wing doors. And my wife drove into our garage full speed. With one of those doors open. This was years ago and then she called me. And she was like nobody’s hurt. A great opening line never at all. And then two years ago she did it again.

No! yeah wow

Ripped off the same door.

Is it like a protest she’s going through something. It’s like a demonstration?

It’s a very expensive protest. So I just saw the doors off and it’s a beach car now. The car it look there it’s really cool for a while and then.

It’s cool for about 45 seconds yeah and then you realize oh no this is a nightmare.

Yeah especially when people know you when and they want to like get an autograph. And you’re like no I’m sorry I’m in a rush. And you’re sitting in there waiting for your doors. I really gotta go. So fun.


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