Travel gym ESL video lesson

Pronunciation vocabulary



Travel gym vocabulary

  • 24 hour fitness turned into this circus
  • So I figured
  • it eliminates excuses
  • big crew brings it up
  • Such good cardio
  • To set it up
  • it becomes my anchor

Interactive exercise



Bryan: now Dwayne, you are like, you never, are you like built like the .

The rock?

Oh my god, they’re implants.

Bryan: they are.

Everything is implanted, yes. Well, not everything.

Bryan: hey now.

That’s special.

Bryan: so I’m told you have this incredible gym that travels around with you no matter what movie are you doing, is that right?

I do, yes, because training in public gyms just became too much of a crazy zoo. So everywhere I go, including Hawaii.

You don’t go to 24 hour fitness?

Me and 24 hour fitness turned into this circus. So stopped that. So I figured the easiest thing to do was just to create a gym and make sure it travels with me everywhere I go, because then it eliminates excuses and were you there in Hawaii.

Same with me, I travel with my gym wherever I go. And you see that, that.

Bryan: this doesn’t look like a traveling, I see a block wall back there and a rollup.

No, I have,  that is in L.A., I have one in Florida and a traveling one. All this equipment comes to as well. There are multiple 18 wheelers say big deal, big crew brings it up. They work their ass off and set it up. But again for me it becomes my anchor so I’m up at 4:00 in the morning or 5 before I go into work with this guy, and I will get my training in. It becomes my sense of meditation. And then can I go. You know.

What’s so funny, why are they laughing with.

I work out really hard in my dreams. That’s why I just sleep through.
The best workout.
Such good cardio.


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