Korean marathon 7 months Day 33

It is interesting you need 2200 hours to learn Korean and only 600 hours to learn English Today was a solar flare day (Look at space weather forecast). Internet connection problems. Couldn’t do the language exchange. According to the language exchange “instruction” I am supposed to: Prepare questions Answer these questions myself Choose a photo […]

Korean marathon 7 months Day 32

Sometimes it is frustrating. You learn the language in order to get included? In a culture. Korean gender gap situation puzzles me. Yet there is everything for women. But still some invisible obstacles weigh them down. It is their mentality? I live in a European part of Russia in a provincial area. I know what […]

Korean marathon 7 months Day 31

I would not say I’m not lazy. I am. But I do a little every day. With fun methods that bring results. I decided in my mango travels picture there is another story to explore: 망고는 여행을 가고 싶어요. 한국에 가서 새로운 장소를 볼 수 있어요. 한국은 재미있는 나라예요. 요즘 망고는 한국어를 배워서 한국 새로운 […]

Korean marathon 7 months Day 30

A little review day. From day 29 we have a mindmap about nature. And I made a little story about mango using the vocabulary I have to learn on the mindmap. And then made a comics based on this story 😃 There is an audio too:

Korean marathon 7 months Day 28-29

Eh, skipped a day. Reevaluated my goals and found just some new challenges. Maybe I will let myself fail a bit. But only for a day 🙂 A mindmap “Nature”. All new vocabulary was natively arranged. Again. Maybe this time, I think I can write a story using this mind map. On day 15 I […]

Korean marathon 7 months Day 27

Just to finish the comic picture from yesterday (pictures 3,4,5): 하지만 다음날 아침 날씨가 좋아서 점심 위한 도시락을 어제는 준비하지만 한국 음식을 잘 못해요. However, the weather was good the next morning, so I prepared a packed meal for lunch yesterday, but I’m not good at cooking Korean food 저녁에는 친구랑 같이 음악을 듣고 맛있는 […]

Korean marathon 7 months Day 26

The idea of this challenge/marathon was to gain and feel control over my life, achieve language learning goals (which are under my control) and have something that is measurable and something what I have my influence on. And the result depends solely on me. Opposite to my job. Where I have less than 50% control […]

Korean marathon 7 months Day 25

While talking to people of different cultures, it is important to understand. .See the signs. When taking to people of “indirect”, high-context culture, all? the important aspects of communication are conveyed through “hints”. It can be rather frustrating. For me. But already I have had enough of “mysterious” changing of speech style while talking to […]

Korean marathon 7 months Day 23

Yeah, now it is easily possible to click on a word and it is easily translated. But I remember the times.. you had to download on an illegal torrent website an online dictionary software and target language dictionaries separately. And using a flesh drive to install it on your tablet! But I also remember writing […]