Canada facts video lesson

Pronunciation vocabulary prairies Pacific Canada vocabulary Canada vocabulary interactive exercises Canada video Text Between the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic oceans  we find Canada Canada.  It’s  the second largest country in the world. Canada is known for mountains, lakes and rivers. The ecosystems are the tundra, prairies, rainforests, the Arctic. Canada has two national animals the […]

Travel gym ESL video lesson

Pronunciation vocabulary crew anchor Travel gym vocabulary Interactive exercise Video Text Bryan: now Dwayne, you are like, you never, are you like built like the . The rock? Oh my god, they’re implants. Bryan: they are. Everything is implanted, yes. Well, not everything. Bryan: hey now. That’s special. Bryan: so I’m told you have this […]

Cars doors esl video

Vocabulary pronunciation Rip off Rush Vocabulary cars doors Vocabulary exercise Cars doors vocabulary exercise interactive Cars and doors interview video Watch until 1:30 Text Joe you have not had the best of luck recently with automobiles? That’s right? What’s happened? You like a good car? Well I bought Twitter last year. Right and now we […]

Animated movies for teens esl video

Vocabulary pronunciation Apologies Acorn Vocabulary teen movies Vocabulary exercise Teen animated movies interactive exercise Top teen animated movies Video Watch until 4:30 Texts about the cartoons Baymax goes to the fantastical city of San Fransokyo where the friendly, health companion Baymax does what he was programmed to do: hang out with and help people. Squirrel […]