Home kitchen garden video&text

Text Imagine, your kitchen filled with the most exceptional aroma of France. Imagine growing organic food in the heart of your home. Enjoying neverending supply of healthy salads, exotic herbs and leafy vegetables. Imagine once again the technology that replicates nature’s unique growing process right in your home. The food is right and ready to […]

Jungle diving video&text

Text Every scuber diver I know dreams of going to the Galapagos. Being able to dive there was a dream. So we wake up super early in the morning and go to the dive shop. The gear is already there. Try it on, super easy. We got a great dive briefing. Got all of our […]

Mind-blowing Antarctica facts video&text

Shortened text Hey guys I finally made it to my seventh and final continent. The coldest windiest and driest place on our planet – Antarctica. Antarctica is one of the most mysterious and least visited places in the world. It only gets about 35,000 visitors per year and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to […]

Adele interview video&text

Well, I reckon that this is a perfect time to do 73 questions with Adele to pinch myself that this is actually happening right now. How are you? – I’m doing so much better now than I’m with you. – Me too I’m so excited. – I know. – I think we’ve been trying to […]