Korean marathon 7 months Day 5

Today a little review day. I’ll rewatch videos and do some translation exercises. Old-fashioned, but keeps you focused on the language. Music: library, fireplace, pencil sounds Aroma: vanilla aroma oil Today’s video is kind of a lazy one. When a teacher speaks two languages and gives translation of phrases. Not ideal for learning but good […]

Korean marathon 7 months Day 3

Three videos today but one was full of vocabulary I will barely need. Music: rain and TV background Pages: 5 pages, all in pencil Aroma: lemongrass, orange aroma oil At first I just watch video. Then I watch again and repeat after them. The third step is to watch again and write all important phrases […]

How to learn Korean basics with video lessons Part 1

In this post I will focus on learning Korean with videos as we live in the modern age and paper dictionaries and textbooks are quite out-dated (but! still might be useful)
After learning hangul with apps and with a hangul workbook, I learnt some basic words, pronunciation rules, simple grammar via youtube videos. And then the fun started! Luckily, I found some fun videos for beginners, watched them and then rewatched the next day. When I finished a block, I reviewed it from the beginning…

Korean writing Taekwondo 태권도

I’ve been thinking how we can memorise a lot of vocabulary and grammar patterns. I have no other solution but to write a lot by copying from a textbook and then read aloud. In addition, we can translate into English and then from English to Korean to compare with the original text and identify mistakes. […]