My CELTA essay I never sent/Ideal teacher

Who is an ideal teacher?

With the novel virus upheaval and rolling in abundance of free time on our hands, and affordable native speaker lessons forced us to explore our own abilities and be socially and culturally closer to understanding people of our target language.
Contemplating upon my experience of learning Korean online via casualized platforms as well as on my own teaching, I could identify some expectations for my ideal teacher.


Educationally and socially. Higher level of education (not necessarily recognized university degrees) brings broad mindfulness, awareness of people regarding extended soft skills, kindness, gentleness. Lifelong learning should accompany any teacher through personal and professional career. High moral values are a vital asset not exclusevly for a teacher. Not to mention the absence of any anti-social habits such as smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol.
Also, as being a teacher requires adaptation to precarious labour conditions. Teachers are standing among other creative professions such as musicians, artists, filmmakers and other freelancers. Therefore, a strong support network of family and friends is required to sustain harsh environment of unstable, unreliable work conditions in order to feel safe and socially included in a class of intellectuals.
As for me, I constantly pursue new educational goals within my work framework and outside. I evict myself from my comfort zone in order to step to new exoticized experiences. To demystify generalisations and prejudices, I learn new languages and physically immerse myself in a culture. Such experiences make me grow and withstand concentrated misconceptions and wrong beliefs to promote tolerance and human development.

Awareness of a learner.

Are they getting any value from a teacher? If they have access to the knowledge you provide during a lesson and after it. A professional teacher will make sure that a learner is assessed before teaching processes take place to obtain all the necessary information to continue successful well-rounded development of a learner.
Also, I will include knowledge “how to teach” here. There are specific instructions to follow while teaching concerning language perception and acquisition characteristics in order not to spook a learner as well as make them confident. Drawing upon my experiences, to fulfilling learner awareness criteria takes a lot of people skills and practice.

Taking everything into consideration, I honestly believe that professional and personal high standards as well as strong engagement with a learner are prerequisites for a successful teaching career. In the long run, with ample learning opportunities and advancement of education teachers and learners can seamlessly obtain knowledge from high quality resources and achieve their educational goals;
advance their skills and have an indispensable role in the modern future world.

I never sent it and never will because I don’t need another senseless piece of paper?

Who is your ideal teacher? Let’s find out together on italki!


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