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Mark Ruffalo story video&text

Vocabulary pronunciation allowed certain Vocabulary Interactive Mark Ruffalo vocabulary exercise Video Text Mark, we…

Swiss valley video&text

The magical land of Switzerland 🇨🇭welcomes you and your students for more vocabulary and…

Glasgow Scotland video&text

Discover a unique city of Glasgow 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿and teach elementary+ students some new travel vocabulary…

Madeira travel video&text

Teach English with video lesson about traveling to Madeira island! Interactive, elementary vocabulary exercise

Cork Irish travel video&text

ESL video travelling elementary + lesson! Practice listening, speaking and reading with vocabulary interactive…

Faroe islands video&text

Teach speaking and vocabulary about travelling to the islands! Interactive exercises, text for reading.…

Sahara desert video&text

Learn about the Sahara desert with ESL video lesson! Easily teach your students vocabulary…

Age ESL video lesson

Learn English with speaking about age issues! Watch a video, do exercises and discuss…


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Are you motivated at online courses? Conference extract Learn English

Conference about business opportunities organized by EFL magazine.
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  2. ESL lesson on Age with a student Upper-intermediate
  3. To get them annoyed as motivation
  4. About me as a teacher
  5. Different cultures. And hints

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