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In Costa Rica trails lead to rushing waterfalls, mist hovering volcanoes and deserted beaches. Regardless of which you choose, this tropical playland is a feast for the senses. As the preeminent eco and adventure tourism capital of Central America Costa Rica has earned her rightful place in cubicle daydreams of travelers.

National parks allow visitors to glimpse the abundant life of the tropical rainforest. This green peaceful jewel of a country might seem like some kind of wondrous tropical fantasy. But this is Costa Rica. A pristine expanse of virginal forests totaling 105 square kilometers. Monteverde cloud forest is the mysterious Neverland dripping with mist, tangling with mossy vines, sprouting ferns, gushing creeks, blooming with life and nurturing regulates of evolution.

While volcan Arenal lies dormant, this mighty perfectly conical giant is still worthy of a pilgrimage. There are several beautiful trails to explore especially the Magnificent climb to Chirripó.

Though whitewater rafting is a high-energy option for the dedicated adrenaline junkie. Adventurers can easily cover some heart-pounding river miles in the span of a few days in this compact little country. Although droves of visitors, Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio and remains an absolute gem.

Capuchin monkeys, brown pelicans and sloths watch over it’s accessible trails. Muddy, muggy and intense. The vast largely untouched rainforest Cahuita National Park is anything but a walk in the park here travelers with a sturdy pair of rubber boots thrust themselves into the unknown and come out of the other side with a story of a lifetime.

High season runs from December to April so book in advance. August through October brings the best surfing conditions. Travel cost and Costa Rica can range from less than 40 dollars a day if you enjoy dorm beds and markets to over a hundred dollars a day for luxurious lodges and guided excursions.

To see every corner of Costa Rica travelers can rely on a combination of long distance bus travel and short-term car rental for excursions. Whether you’re following the metallic shimmer of a blue butterfly through the trees staring into the yawning mouth of a deep purple orchid or watching wisps of fog roll in to soften and jagged edge of the mountains. Costa Rica’s vivid colors last a lifetime.


  • Costa Rica trails lead to rushing waterfalls
  • forests totaling 105 square kilometers
  • beautiful trails to explore
  • Great for adrenaline junkie
  • high season runs from December to April
  • To book in advance
  • travel cost in Costa Rica can range from less than 40 dollars a day
  • short-term car rental for excursions

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