Jennifer Lawrence travels video lesson

Pronunciation vocabulary



Vocabulary exercise

Lawrence travels vocabulary exercise


  • first time you’ve been to China
  • questions are weird
  • I’m super flattered
  • you heard the voice of the person
  • it’s so high-pitched
  • your films in Spain were dubbed by me
  • it would be closer



You visited China for the film for the first time. First time you’ve been to China. How did you enjoy China?
-Well it was very very different. Everything is different. Yeah the questions they say. Things like “You are cute, yes?”
-Always say yes. They always say yes.
-And like the other questions are weird. And they have a nickname for me I learned. Big elderly cousin.
-What? Your nickname in China is big elderly cousin?
-I’m super flattered. Yeah and they call Josh baby Josh which he loves.
-That’s fantastic. How do they come up with that stuff?
-Yeah a big cousin and I’m like yeah yeah that’s me. I’m here. I’m here for you.

-You also went to Spain where I’m told that you heard the voice of the person who does your movies in Spain.
-I heard my Spanish self for the first time. And we were doing a talk show like this. Yeah but in Spanish. And I heard the voice. It was just like it’s so high-pitched and different from my own voice. It was.. You could do it!

-I’m very offended but I do want that gig. If you want me to.
-I mean you do very good high-pitched voice.
-Oh, that voice! You meant my natural. I think we all went that way. I think the audience went right there.
-Sorry I just thought..
-If it’d be funny if your films in Spain were dubbed by me speaking normally. I think that would be really funny.
-It would be closer!

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