Taylor Swift interview video&text extracts

Text extracts

Taylor’s success is based on her close relationship with her fans they’re called Swifty’s.

I am not worried about that I’m really in touch with my fans.

The only one I know who invites people back into your house.

We can spend time together and bond because it keeps me normal.

The most abnormal thing about my life is having sort of crowds to form everywhere you go.

The only thing that keeps me not feeling overwhelmed by the abnormality of my life.

Her autobiographical songs deal with the problems of growing up.


  • smart lyrics
  • debut
  • a performance
  • a giant hit single
  • an award
  • to be overwhelmed
  • to be afraid of
  • to worry
  • to deal with problems
  • abnormal
  • to be brave
  • to invite
  • to be in touch with someone
  • close relationships with someone
  • to spend time and bond
  • love and heartbreak
  • crowds
  • to lose fans
  • gatherings

Taylor Swift interview exercise (for PC screen mode)


Complete the phrases with your ideas:

  • Bonding with people is _
  • I am usually in touch with __
  • Gatherings are _
  • I deal with problems __
  • The most abnormal thing is __

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